Purple Day

I knew that you are gracious, You are tender and kind. You are slow to get angry. You are full of love, You are a God who takes pity on people. You do not want to destroy them.

Jonah 4:2b (NIrV)

The words of Jonah after the plant has withered and died and God did not destroy the ancient city of Babylon.

Surprisingly enough, much of this verse can be found in Psalms 145:8 which is where Jonah probably got it from in the first place.

Recently, I committed this one to memory along with others, which if all goes well, will become posts as the summer progresses.

In case you are wondering about the title, Today and every Monday is Purple day. Purple is for Royalty and a day to celebrate attributes of our God. How he created all living things in just six days and on the seventh day rested.

How often do we forget to thank God for something. Our God is a God of Grace, tenderness, kindness, pity, slow to get angry.


An Adventure Clothed in Static

Be still and know that I am God

Take a moment to just be still, completely silent. The post will still be here when you return so take your time.

Did you find it difficult?

Satan wants to put static between us and God.

Over the past few months there has been so much static in my life that it has been hard to hear God. I continue to pray and seek guidance, yet the static still clouds my judgement. It is hard for me to be completely silent with out a song or something popping into my head.

It seems that static is everywhere and it won’t go away it will always be there. As we embark on this new adventure towards Easter and the Cross. Let us take some time and quiet ourselves before our Creator. Turn off any device you may have on at the moment and really focus on God and Godly things.tv_static_2

The Unforgetable Insult

“Bums, you’re all bums!” was all my supervisor could say as I sat through training. It wasn’t that I had done something wrong or any of my other co-workers had done either for that matter. The next three words to come out of my supervisor’s mouth would change my perspective on this word forever.

“Beautiful Unrepeatable Miracles”

            Yep. That’s what we were and still are. You are too. If you think about it there has never been anyone in the entire world quite like you in all of history and the present. In addition to this, there will never be another person exactly like you in the future either. There may be people with the same skills, the same personality, or even the same face as you, but there will NEVER be another you.

God knows each and every quirk about you.  WHY? He made you, and as Psalm 139 states he knit you together and knew you before you were even thought of being born.

So as you go about your business today, think about how much of a bum you are. If you are on the campus of Huntington University in Huntington Indiana, I challenge you to find the other three people (soon to be alumni) on campus who were with me in the room that day. Just go up to them and ask if they know what a bum is. If they give you a different answer than what is here then explain to them about this way of thinking. (HINT:  one is a now graduated film major, one is a transfer, and the other is a Psych major. Good Luck let me know when you figure it out.) ***Update: all of the people mentioned here have graduated at this date. There are still those who know what a BUM is your job has just become a little harder.

At the time of this posting there are now more than those mentioned who know what a BUM is. If you ever in the Pittsburgh area, it is worth an hour drive south to Uniontown and up the mountain to Dunbar Peak. It is a site you will not want to miss.

For directions and other cool stuff go here www.jumonville.org