Purple Day

I knew that you are gracious, You are tender and kind. You are slow to get angry. You are full of love, You are a God who takes pity on people. You do not want to destroy them.Jonah 4:2b (NIrV)The words of Jonah after the plant has withered and died and God did not destroy the … Continue reading Purple Day


Attitude Check

There are so many ways to take an attitude of gratitude and create stuff with it. There is the break it down by word and focus on one or both attitude or gratitude. (or for a real challenge the of). There is the chain reaction method. Being grateful for cotton growers for picking the cotton … Continue reading Attitude Check

The Day I Found My Voice

The day began like every other day of the summer internship this past summer in Indianapolis, however this would be the most trying day of them all. That week our classroom was down one co-teacher due to an unexpected of need of chaperones for a trip to Atlanta with the senior high students. This put … Continue reading The Day I Found My Voice