on Songs Stuck in One’s Head

Last week my pastor used the example of getting a song stuck in his head that would not go away as proof that he could willingly clear his mind and thus be able to hear what God was trying to say to him. While this is possible and necessary for us to thrive as Christians, in the Grime household it’s a little harder to do so.

You see my Mom has this habit of not only cooking amazing food, but playing music while she does so. And depending on the cd that she puts in, there are certain songs that have a tendency to be put on repeat. Not just once, but it could go on for hours. Once that happens there is no fighting it, the song will continue to play in your head long after the music is turned off.

The chorus of the most recent song to join mom’s list of repeats goes like this:

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Collect for 9-5-14

Eternal God, You knit us together in the womb, planned out our lives before we were ever thought of. You know the future, past and present. The decisions that we make each day as we live as humanly possible to your decrees. Grant us the wisdom to live each day, the knowledge to make the tough choices, those that will change lives and those that may seem trivial. In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit we pray, Amen

Attitude Check

There are so many ways to take an attitude of gratitude and create stuff with it.

There is the break it down by word and focus on one or both attitude or gratitude. (or for a real challenge the of).

There is the chain reaction method. Being grateful for cotton growers for picking the cotton to be turned into denim to be turned into the jeans I am wearing at this moment.

Finally there is always the option of going off in a totally different direction.

I have seen all three this summer in the messages of the camp pastors this summer as they focused on n of gratitude.

However there was one aspect that occurred just one week all summer, the yelling of an attitude check. Once launched all those within listening distance were to shout Praise the Lord! The goal was for us to be in an attitude of constant praise all week-long. It worked and has had lasting effects long after that camp was over. Continue reading

The Last Post………For a While

This will be the last post for at least a month.

Over the next few months I will be away from a computer serving as a Cabin Leader at Camp Tippecanoe.

All I can do right now is Praise God for this opportunity, even if it is volunteer work. It was presented to me last week by friends of mine who by the end of the summer will be on the other side of the world, serving as missionaries in the Philippines.

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