on Songs Stuck in One’s Head

Last week my pastor used the example of getting a song stuck in his head that would not go away as proof that he could willingly clear his mind and thus be able to hear what God was trying to say to him. While this is possible and necessary for us to thrive as Christians, … Continue reading on Songs Stuck in One’s Head


A Once Disliked Hynm

My senior year in High School, my band director made the decision to follow her husband's job offering in another state and thus would no longer be able to teach at our school. The unfortunate timing set her departure right before Christmas break. Thus the Christmas concert would be her last in our small town. … Continue reading A Once Disliked Hynm

“Temple of the Holy Spirit, to make you fit,” well sort of…

Flashback moment to early college in the video below. This group consists of four artists from the US, Indonesia and Kenya, each of whom were contestants on their country's form of American Idol. They came to Huntington University and offered one of the most memorable worship experiences I had ever had. To see more of this group find Global … Continue reading “Temple of the Holy Spirit, to make you fit,” well sort of…