In Thier Footsteps: Methuselah

Has anyone seen Enoch?

No not the town, my Father.

No one has seen him in years, I’m beginning to wonder if the rumors are true that he was take off the face of this earth.

This world is so different from what it used to be. Crime and sinful acts happen as if they were nothing and had no meaning. Have they forgotten their maker?

Word has it that my Grandson Noah claims that God is going to wipe all of us out in a massive swoop. The entire area covered in water and from the sky!! Who would think such a thing in the history of the earth that has never happened. Everyone knows that water comes from the rivers and lakes and the occasional oasis in the desert.  Not from the sky. Even better He’s building a boat.

What’s a boat and why does it have to be so big?

I thought Enoch was crazy when he started to worship Yahweh and I guess Noah has too. He must have gotten that from Enoch before he disappeared..

In Their Footsteps: Lamech

Woe is me! What was I thinking?

I was walking along the path leading from Enoch out to the pastures to my son, Jabal who is out there living in tents with the herds. Out of nowhere a young man came attacking and managed to injure me.

I don’t know what came over me. One minute he was there and the next he was dead where he stood, and blood was on my knife.

How will I face Yahweh who cast my ancestor Cain out of his presence for doing the exact same thing to Abel? If Cain was avenged 7 times, may I be avenged 77 times..

These are the things I must think about as I sit around the fire tonight listening to the sounds that my son Jubul, magically wills to come from the reeds that he has found down by the streams.

We have heard that Eve has had a son and that they have started to call on the name of Yahweh to help them. It seems mad to do so. He cast us out of his presence when we left the garden. But who knows it might make life a little more bearable out here.

In Their Footsteps: Cain

Things changed after we left the garden. As we left, we thought that the presence would stay in the garden, that we were separated from it. However, the presence never left it just took on a different form. The form it took eventually became known as Yahweh.

We discovered that the plants no longer bore fruit year round, but grew at different rates and had to be harvested at different times. I started to gather the seeds and plant fields of food that we knew we could eat.

My bother Abel, found that sheep traveled in herds on this side of the garden and that with the right guidance could become quite loyal. He decided to make this his living.

I don’t know when the tradition started, but each year we gave something to Yahweh as an offering. I gave some of my produce that I had harvested that year. Abel always gave the best of his flock. I didn’t get it like I do now. I didn’t see the point of giving the best. I mean if it’s the best, I usually want to use that for next year’s starter seed to ensure a good and plentiful harvest. However, Yahweh chose Abel’s gift over mine.

Yahweh came to me and asked why I was so angry. It wasn’t that the gift was bad; it was the attitude and nature of the gift/giver and warned me that this kind of attitude only leads to evil. I know that now, but at the time this only infuriated me even more.

Sometime later, I invited Abel to take a look at some of the wheat harvest. While Abel was looking the other way, I picked up a stone and charged Abel, beating him over the head over and over again, until something happened. He became quiet, he stopped fighting back and his limbs dropped to the ground, becoming very still. I freaked out, covered Abel’s body with dirt, and fled from the place, getting as far away as possible.

It was not long afterwards that Yahweh found me. He asked me where Abel was. Great, so now I was my brother’s keeper. It wasn’t long until I heard the screams, the wailing of my parents. Yahweh told me that Abel cried out to him from the ground, and for that I was cast out of his presence. It was more that could conceive possible, unlike being cast out of the garden, this time it was forever. I would never find a home and would become a nomad, wandering around, never staying in the same place for more than a few weeks. I begged Yahweh, knowing that everyone would be after me. Yahweh placed a physical sign on me that would keep everyone away, and if anyone did hurt me, something far worse would happen to them.

I headed east of the Garden, towards Nod and settled there. I eventually married and had a son, Enoch. Eventually I founded a town and named it after my son.

I have since learned that offerings should be of our best, not just what we want to give. I have tried to pass this on to my children and their children, but to what degree it will stick in their minds, I have no idea.

In Their Footsteps: Eve

Why did I take a bite of that fruit?

Why did I listen to that snake?

I mean up until that point, there really was no point in even approaching those trees. The presence gave off this vibe that no one was to go near those trees.

Yet the snake sounded so convincing. He had been pestering me for days trying to get me to just walk up to the tree. He countered everything that the presence had told us about. We wouldn’t die from the fruit, just become more like the presence, knowing what was wrong and right. That is what he said.

I finally gave in. I walked up to the tree and was surprised to find that the fruit looked better than anything I had seen in the garden. I wanted to see if it tasted as good as it looked, and I was not disappointed. It tasted unlike anything I had ever tasted in my entire life. I had to share this with Adam.

I rushed up to him, handed him the fruit and told him to try it. He did, and our world was never the same afterwards.

I suddenly felt exposed; the wind no longer felt the same against my skin. I felt I needed to hide, to get as far away from Adam as I could. What was worse I could feel the presence coming closer, getting stronger as it sometimes did when it wanted to speak with us.

I heard it speak wondering where we were. Eventually, Adam and I went down to the river to meet with the presence. He asked us what we had done. Adam tried to blame me for it. I didn’t want to get in trouble for it so I accused the snake. After all, it was he who started it.

The presence was not happy with what we had done. All three of us suffered greatly for our actions.

The snake would no longer be able to walk on its legs, and became the most hated animal of all the animals. From there on out there has always be a mutual hatred between us and the snake.

My punishment was that I would no longer have a say in what happened around our home, but I was to serve my husband. In addition, childbearing would become more painful. It was already painful enough, I couldn’t imagine any more pain to the process.

Adam, I think, suffered the worst. The plants would no longer yield fruit within the garden for him. He would have to work to put food on our table, and the ground would not be so kind.

What is worse is that we were then forced to leave the garden. To go into the great unknown. The world outside of our garden.

From that point on we noticed a change in how the plants and animals treated us. No longer was the lion a kind and loving creature, but a savage beast. The elephant no longer allowed us on his back, but would charge us if we got to close. Ivy that we had used as food now gave us rashes on our skin if we rubbed against it. We now had to examine fruit to make sure that there were no worms inside of it.

I don’t know what is in store for my family. How we will survive in this new world that is unlike anything we have ever seen. Will the presence be with us out here since he blocked the way to get in?

let me explain…

If you have been following me for the past few weeks you may have noticed there was a series entitled “Christmas in Their Shoes,” where I took one story and told it from a bunch of different angles.

I hope you enjoyed those, because I have started to do it again with a series entitled “In Their Footsteps.”

These will be a little more spread out than the last ones were. Exactly how far apart I do not know, but I have started in Genesis and we will see how far along in God’s Story I go.