Has anyone seen Enoch?

No not the town, my Father.

No one has seen him in years, I’m beginning to wonder if the rumors are true that he was take off the face of this earth.

This world is so different from what it used to be. Crime and sinful acts happen as if they were nothing and had no meaning. Have they forgotten their maker?

Word has it that my Grandson Noah claims that God is going to wipe all of us out in a massive swoop. The entire area covered in water and from the sky!! Who would think such a thing in the history of the earth that has never happened. Everyone knows that water comes from the rivers and lakes and the occasional oasis in the desert.  Not from the sky. Even better He’s building a boat.

What’s a boat and why does it have to be so big?

I thought Enoch was crazy when he started to worship Yahweh and I guess Noah has too. He must have gotten that from Enoch before he disappeared..


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