stone pathwayImagine waking up in paradise.

I sat up next to a flowing river, running gently downstream. Where it came from I had no clue. I could feel the wind, the spray of water against my skin. As I looked around I saw green stalks below my feet, somehow knowing that it was grass. There were larger stalks coming from the ground, brown with green appendages reaching for the sky, trees. I looked up and saw bright object in the sky, giving off a warm glow, the Sun. Clouds were floating in the sky so close I reached up and tried to touch one, but alas could not. Looking up I noticed that on some trees were balls hanging from the branches. I reached for one and pulled it off the tree, brought it to my lips and sunk my teeth into it. It was sweet, yet crunchy, I found that I could not eat the entire thing for the center was hard, an apple.

As I ventured around this place, beasts of every sort approached me, somehow expecting me to name them and I did. It was almost as if I already knew what they were called. I do not know how I did it, but I named them, elephant, lemur, kangaroo, tiger, ant, whale, tuna, flamingo, cardinal, gecko, and frog. Yet I noticed that there multiples of these beasts, each seemed to have a partner. I found I was the only of my kind in this place. After a while, I began to feel lonely among these beasts.



There was, however, a presence that radiated throughout what I would later call the garden. It was from it that I named the animals. I began to feel comforted by this presence, started to trust it as it guided me to different areas of the garden, and urged me to try different fruit on the trees. However, I got the feeling that the two trees that stood in the middle of the garden were different, that their fruit was off-limits and if eaten would have deadly consequences.

I made my way back to the river. The sun was getting low in the sky, turning the sky brilliant colors of red and orange that dimmed into blue and a deep purple as the sun lowered in the sky. When the sun had set, there was this other bright light in the sky along with innumerable tiny lights. I got the hint that these were the moon and stars. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep for the night, listening to the sound of the river babbling as it flowed into the larger body that I had discovered downstream.

I awoke and knew that something was different. Lying next to me was a creature unlike any I had ever seen. It was beautiful, and yet I knew that it was for me, made from me as I slept. As it awoke, the presence told that it was a she and that she was to be my partner. I opened my mouth, and surprised myself that I could make sounds and that somehow she understood what I was trying to say. I told her that her name was Eve. She asked me what my name was. I had yet to consider what I was called. I had named everything else in this place, yet I had yet to name myself. The presence told me that my name was Adam and that with Eve we were to multiply and fill the earth. I pondered how we were to do that as I showed Eve around the garden, telling her the names of the plants, animals and other things, making sure that she understood about the two trees in the middle of the garden.



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