There have been many times in my life where I have been told to jump off a cliff. The only problem with this statement is that I live in the middle of the Midwest and the nearest “cliff” is quite some distance away. However I have lived in areas where this statement could quite easily become true.

I personally hate cliffs or balconies. Just the thought of being on something that I could possibly fall off of gives me the creeps.

As much as I hate them, each of our lives comes to a point where we reach a one that we need to cross. However, there is no bridge in sight nor will there ever be. There are only three things on this side, wages, sin, and death. Let me explain…

Wages—yeah that payment for the work that we do. It can seem like a good thing at the time. The problem is that the work we are getting paid to do

Sins – Those things that we do every day that we know are wrong or feel bad about doing later.

Our payment

Death – you read correctly, death

The wages for our sin is death.

Is there a cure? Is there a way off this cliff or will trying to get off only end us like the guy in the video, on another cliff, hanging on by a branch?

To be continued… here


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