I will always remember that night. The night I swore if I heard another knock on the door I was going to kill someone. We were packed beyond capacity. Every nook and cranny had someone in it to the point that I could not see the floor. The people just kept coming; you would think that Bethlehem was Jerusalem at Festival time. Now that is a spectacle to see. Of course being forced to return to ancestral hometown by the Roman Emperor did not help the situation any.

Sometimes I wish the Messiah would come and relieve us from the oppression that the Romans have put us under. We, the people of Israel, used to rule ourselves, independent of anyone from the outside. That is until King Hezekiah foolishly showed those Babylonians everything…

I digress, where was I? O right, that night. Anyway I heard the last thing I wanted to hear, a pounding at the door. I opened the door and when I saw that it was a man looking for a room, I almost told him there were no rooms left, but there was something different about this man. I felt that there was a presence about him, and then I saw what I took to be his wife was pregnant. I told him to wait there. Why did I do that? We were crowded enough besides having to do with someone having a baby in the middle of it. I asked my wife what we could do. I thought of the stables out back and my wife went to “prepare” it as best as she could. I returned to the door and told the couple what I had. They seemed grateful for that much. It was obvious they had tried other locations with no such luck.

Later that night I heard a commotion in the streets and peered outside to see shepherds running though the streets yelling that the Messiah had been born. I wondered if it could possibly be the child that had been born in my stable. The parents did not seem to have a kingly vibe to them. If they were indeed royalty then I had done them a grave injustice in giving them my stable to stay in. They deserved the best treatment. Then the thought occurred to me “What kind of king associates himself with shepherds?” They’re lowlifes, nobodies, and the bottom of society, just above tax collectors. I dismissed any thought of that child being the Messiah.


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