When Zechariah first came out of the Temple unable to speak, I have to admit it was a terrifying moment in our relationship. We have been married for a very long time, and with that we have tried several times to have a child. It had been determined after several failed attempts that I was barren.

Yes, being unable to talk did put a strain on our relationship, but I learned to manage and adapt. When I finally got out of him that we were going to have a child, I hardly believed it, but it happened. Now I knew how Sarah felt after a visit from our Lord announcing the child she was to conceive. Zechariah and I decided that it was best if I secluded myself from others in the community for a while to prepare for the child.

About six months into the pregnancy, we were blessed with a visit from Mary, a relative of mine from Nazareth. When I first saw her, I could feel the baby leap for joy inside of me. Then we found the news that she brought with her. She too was going to have a child and was visited by the same angel that had visited Zechariah in the Temple. However this child was to be Yahweh’s Son, not Joseph’s whom she was pledge to be married to. We praised God together and prayed for the safety of our children. She stayed until the birth of our son, John. Then headed back to Nazareth, looking more pregnant than when she had arrived. I do worry for her, it is such a risk she is taking, but I believe that Yahweh will protect her and her child.


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