It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I was in the hills of Southern Ohio serving Grace Baptist church. So much has happened since then and as I look back on the year I can see how God was moving throughout the different aspects of the year.

  • He allowed me to be home with my family for an extra month during J-term.
  • God gave me a chance to meet up with/surprise  my Huntington youth group after WinterJam.
  • God found a place for me on campus (miraculously back on Livingston Third for the fourth year in a row).
  • With God’s help I graduated from Huntington University.
  • God gave me the opportunity to serve in Indianapolis for most of the summer.
  • God graced me with a construction job for a few months.
  • God has given my family an honorary brother from China as an exchange student.

Notice that none of these things happened with out God working through it in some way, shape or form. Paul tells us that we are not to boast in the things that we do, but what the Father is doing through us. While I may not have a job, I know that God will continue to work through me and other people to form the path that God has for me.  I am truly counting on God as the year comes to an end and into the next phase of my life.



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