Band Camp. Already your thoughts turn to marching, summer heat, maybe the movie Drum line, or experiences of your own, but not this camp. You see my band director had this crazy idea that bordered “The Music Man’s” sense of crazy and the adventure of the “Wizard of Oz.” The idea was to bring in her elementary bands, one of which had never played a note in their lives, for a band day camp. The best part, the teachers would be her High School band students. When all was said and done it turned out to be some of the best summer memories I can remember. All of her students thought she was a little crazy, but that summer I learned a valuable lesson. To work with kids, you have to be a little crazy. Today that thought has expanded to include all of ministry.

Paul wrote the following to the church in Corinth:

Because we understand our fearful responsibility to the Lord, we work hard to persuade others. God knows we are sincere, and I hope you know this, too.  Are we commending ourselves to you again? No, we are giving you a reason to be proud of us, so you can answer those who brag about having a spectacular ministry rather than having a sincere heart. If it seems we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God. And if we are in our right minds, it is for your benefit. Either way, Christ’s love controls us. Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.         2 Corinthians 5:11-15 NLT

Now in what the Bible records as the second letter and even the first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul is telling this church some pretty crazy things for that time. In the first letter Paul tells them to cast a man out of their company for doing something that is just plain wrong, even today. In the second letter, Paul tells them to forgive this person. That is only one of the examples that is going on here.

Paul says that by being crazy (other translations put is as “beside ourselves”,”out of our minds”) it is to bring glory to God and if they are in their right minds, it is for our benefit. Their craziness is so that we have a reason to evaluate our hearts and actions when it comes to our ministry and our daily activities. Do we boast about what we or our churches are doing or do we simply tell others about what is going on and invite them to join us? Do we do things with a prideful heart instead of a servant’s heart?

Let God bring you to his “band camp.” Let those who have gone before and have more experience in the Christian way of life and may seem to be “crazy,” train you in the way you should go. For Christ’s love controls us all. Some of us may be like the fifth graders just learning to play, others the high school students teaching those who are new to the instrument. Even as a band, the members are always evaluating how they sound to make the piece better and better. Hardly ever does someone get it on the first try, but after much practice and many times of playing the piece, can a group finally master a song. Like wise we are all instruments in God’s orchestra, each has a part and each must evaluate where our hearts lie daily so that we are in our right minds. Telling other about our ministries without boasting not what we are doing but what God is doing in us.

How will you boast about what God is doing in your life today?


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