It was the last day of summer program for the interns. What had begun only two months before with training followed by teaching third graders over the summer. The final program was over and we, the interns were cleaning up and setting up the classrooms for the school year, knowing that in just 24 hours many of us would be heading home, never to set foot in the building again. Many of our students did not live in the greatest communities, but would come each day to learn, keep up with their studies and have fun while doing so.

Many of us did not have the chance to say good-bye to our students after the last day of school and the final program for the parents. I was taking this hard, I had never been in a ministry where many of the kids don’t expect you to stick around, much like other people in their life, but it was on that final day that I received the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

I was bringing in donations from outside when I spotted one of my students from the summer coming in with her family to get produce from the garden. I continued taking donations in and out of the building while they got their produce. As the family was leaving the student came up to me and gave me a hug. No words, just a simple hug. In that moment I know that I had made a difference in that student’s life. That student would remember that summer and what their teachers attempted to teach them.

What I had sacrificed was a summer to find a job in a ministry somewhere in the world. Getting paid more than what I did for the amount of work that I put into that summer. All the perks of being at home with family. Yet this one-act of love and kindness is what I took most from the summer.

In the parable of the sower, a farmer sows seeds on different types of soil with different results. For more detail of the story check out Matthew 13:1-9. That was how most of my summer had been throwing seeds of God’s love and tidbits of information into the soil that is the minds of third graders. How these seeds turned out would be up to the child and God. I may never see the fruit of this summer but this one-act of kindness, this final hug good-bye was enough for me to know that I had planted good seeds and that they were only beginning to come to fruition.

What about you? Every day we have the chance to sow seeds to those around us. How have you been able to harvest your fruits?


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