I came across something by De Jackson on her blog Whimsygizmo that I found interesting. It is a poem entitled The Graffiti of Grace and just as a heads up it is copyrighted, so if you want to use it check this out first.

As we enter into Holy Week next week. Try to live in such a way that we give grace to other and thus in return you will receive it.


The Graffiti of Grace

by De Jackson

You write it on
and bridges
and walls
and inevitable falls
and failings.

You paint it in
and sunset
and across star-stung skies
and in the tattoo
of shadows.

You stitch it into
hearts, tiny etched
sacred scars.

It is
and ridiculous
and readily available
and we forget
and we cheapen it
and we take it
but forget
to give it.

It is
and we’re found
gently loosed and unbound;
but we forsake it,
and forget
to live it.


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