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Journey to the Cross Part 2

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. —John 1:14

As the Journey continues, we take a look at God who sent his Son Jesus to take on the full form of humanity.

He was born, grew up the son of a carpenter, was accidentally left behind in the Temple after the Passover feast, made friends and probably enemies. He became hungry, thirsty, tired. He felt frustration, sorrow, pain, temptation.

He wore sandals, not as good as the ones pictured above, but still. He became man.

Take a moment to reflect on what this means for us.

He had to become fully man otherwise he could not save us in the way that he did. He would not have been the perfect sacrifice required to pay for our sins. He would not be able to fully relate to us as humans, to have the “human experience.”

To think that the Lord and Creator of the Universe, would humble himself to become like us. Only to humble himself further and take the role of  a slave at the Last Supper when no one else would stoop to wash the feet of the others.


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