As you read in the last post for the past semester I have been on PRIME, short for Practical Research Immersion for Ministry Effectiveness, a seven month internship at a ministry of my choosing through Huntington University.

Each year the Missions and Ministry Department at Huntington University send their seniors out on the internship of a lifetime. Seven months of full-time ministry that could be anywhere in the world if the student chooses. Students have gone as far away as Australia, Zambia, Columbia, Thailand, Ireland, and Honduras. Prime has impacted the far corners of the US in 38 states  including Alaska, Florida, California, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

My experiences have been recorded in another blog that I have linked to on the right entitled Minford and Beyond.

While on PRIME in Minford, Ohio, a small community about an hour to an hour and a half south of Columbus, 45 minutes northwest of Huntington, West Virginia and two hours east of Cincinnati, I worked with their Children and Youth ministries and wherever else I was needed. This included setting up for different events, organizing a Vacation Bible School, helping at the the food pantry once a month, being a chaperone on various trips, teaching in rotation within the  Youth ministry and the Children’s ministry, Organizing Summer Curriculum and so much more.

I feel the need to state that while this sounds like I had an awesome experience, which I did, the experience did not come without its lows. There were times where I had to face criticism that at the time I really did not want to hear. There were times where I felt like I was not being taken seriously because I was the youngest adult and an outsider coming in. There were times where I felt like I was competing with the ministries to try to organize an event.

Through it all God was faithful to me. I would say that this was definitely a leap of faith, forcing me to put everything I have in God’s hands. I am finding that as I head into graduation I feel that the next step is going to be even greater.


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