Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana sends out students in the ministry and missions department out on the journey of a lifetime the summer and fall of their senior year to get training in full time ministry. They can go anywhere in the world they choose as long as they have a mentor who is a full time staff and has experience in the field.
     I am one of those students. My name is Alan Grime and I am a Family and Children’s Ministry major from Hamilton, Indiana. The university calls the program PRIME for short. It’s better than Practical Research and Immersion in Ministry Experience. I chose to go to Minford, Ohio to work at Grace Baptist Church. I hope to post updates here and on my face book group Alan’s PRIME in Minford Ohio.
     My official start date is May 17, 2012. Yes this Thursday. I just got back home from HU Saturday evening and spending the next few days at home before mom and dad take me down to Minford. It doesn’t seem that the semester should be over so quickly. It seems that I should be heading back in a few days for more of the semester.
     I am quickly realizing just how much I am going to miss my family here in Indiana and Northwest Ohio. They had a party for me and is probably the last time I will see most of them until I return in early/mid December.
     More to come as I head out on Thursday.

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